the effect of lemon (cytrus) aromatherapy on reducing menstrual pain


  • Aulia Rozatul Universitas Bina Bangsa Getsempena
  • Ully Muzakir
  • Maulida


Aromatherapy, Menstrual Pain, Lemon Therapy


Menstruation is a periodic process that comes every 28-30 days. The first menstrual period (menarche) usually begins at the age of 11-15 years. This cycle will continue until menopause, unless pregnancy occurs. Every menstrual period dark colored menstrual blood will be issued every month and lasts 3-8 days. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of lemon aromatherapy (CITRUS) on reducing menstrual pain in class XII students of SMA N 1 Seunuddon. The research design used in this research is quantitative research with a quasi-experimental design approach, which is research with treatment or intervention that aims to determine the consequences after the intervention to one or more groups. This study was conducted from September 2022. The population in this study were 72 female students who experienced menstrual pain, total technique; sampling is the determination of the sample based on chance. The results of the Wilcoxon Signed Rank dependent test obtained p Value = 0.000 when compared with the value of = 0.05 then p Value < 0.000 so Ha is accepted, that is, there is an effect of lemon (citrus) aromatherapy on reducing menstrual pain. The conclusion is that there is an effect of lemon aroma therapy on reducing menstrual pain. Suggestion It is hoped that at SMA N 1 Seunuddon through the student body it is recommended that lemon aromatherapy can be used as one of the independent nursing interventions that can be carried out by the student field to overcome menstrual pain in female student.